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Gel wax candles are a wonderful table decoration.The candles are absolutely clear and transparent, partially with small air bubbles.
Colourless gelcandles match to any decorative background color.

Our gel candles are deliverable in all shown sizes and colors. Special colors are available on request.

We only use high quality gel wax based on medical white oil.
Gel wax is a mixture of medical white oil and a polymer.
It is characterized by good burning quality with  long burn time.
Please shorten the wick, if candles starts sooting.

9700 nur glas2

Art. 9699  Gelkerze Votivglas klar

Art. 9700  Gelkerze Votivglas matt

9699 turm
9700 turm
9710 nur Glas
9701 nur glas

Art. 9710  Gelkerze Würfelglas 52mm

Art. 9701  Gelkerze Würfelglas 75mm

9701 turm

9711 turm

9711 nur glas
9713 nur glas

Art.9711  Gelkerze Kugelglas 120mm

Art.9713  Gelkerze Kugelglas 80mm

9704 nur Glas
9706 nur Glas

Art. 9704  Gelkerze im Teelichtglas

Art. 9706 Gelkerze Miniwindlicht




kölsch 11029 1


Our  beer candles
are made from gel
wax, too. There
is a “foam lid”€ of
 solid paraffine

7550 1

For candlemakers we have gelwax in
different sizes and colors.

Art. 7550 200g Packs
Art. 7552 1000g Packs
und in PP-Eimern mit ca. 16 kg Inhalt.

Waxcolors can cloud gelwax. For light colors you can take any waxcolor for more intensive colors  fluid color is better.


Information for candle makers:
Please ensure that container diameter matches to the wick size. Wrong wick makes gelcandles soot.
The container diameter should not exceed 70mm - the candles would not burn welll. Wick suggestion:waxed round wick No.3.
Use fluid candle color. The melting temperature should ideally be between  80 and 100 degrees. Higher temperatures and a long residence time in the melt tank can cause oxidations and browning of the wax

110721 miniwindlicht 120mm

stapler mit 10 t gel 120mm

Gel wax on palettes with 30 buckets of 16kg